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107 Cypress Shores Road, Eutawville, SC 29048
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+1 803-492-7226


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  • Kari Frank
    Apr, 16 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    My family and I decided to make a weekend of renting a house boat and fishing out on the lake. On the website for this company, it's stated that they had houseboat rentals that were self driven.

    The listing for this houseboat in the pontoon boat was $280. Upon calling they advised us that it was going to be upwards of $500 and that the website was incorrect.

    My husband and fther in law wanted to spend the day fishing before he returned home also, we opted to go ahead and go through with the rental. We were advised we could come in early (earliest was 7 am) and go ahead and get the pontoon boat and go out on the lake and that the house but would be ready for us at around 1pm.

    Upon arriving in the morning of our rental to pick up our pontoon boat, there was no one working at 8:00 am. My husband and father were there to fish, before the rest of the family arrived. They were unsure of where to go so, they were looking at different buildings to see which was the office.
    The gentleman who was the owner, eventually opened the door and said we could go and fish off the dock, as the person who is going to be getting the boat ready was not there yet.

    At around 9:30am, the owners wife comes up behind my husband and father-in-law while they are fishing off off the dock with the nastiest tone and quips "what are you doing here?!" She accused them of "peeking in windows" as they were looking in the office type building to see if someone was working inside as no one was answering any doors.

    She proceeds to be nasty with them and tells them they are not allowed down on the dock, even though her husband had directed them down there.

    She was extremely rude as she smoked a cigarette, blowing smoke in their faces and advised that the gentleman who was supposed to be preparing the boats had injured himself and would still not be in for sometime. They will have to wait.

    At that time, due to the rudeness and disrespect from the owner, we decided to go elsewhere. They had already ruined our fishing trip for the day. They then advised that they were not going to give her money back even though they did not fulfill what they had promised.
    After a large argument, they refunded all but about 10% of our $500 dollars and we went elsewhere.

    Please steer clear of these people. They will lie to you to get you to book with them and then try to force you to sticking to an agreement, when they did not fulfill any part of said agreement.
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Lakeside Marina & Resort

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